Monday, March 23, 2009

second time around

how about attending an awards ceremony in bangkok for free? yup! just two weeks ago my company treated us with a bangkok trip for the annual achievers' awards for 2008. i can really say my 2008 was a blast, this recent travel is the culmination of last years' hardwork and dedication with my job, naks! well, we stayed in a posh amari watergate hotel located at the heart of bangkoks' shopping haven, the pratunam. bargains and shopping galore!

i just wanna segue way about my one of a kind experience in this trip, the tiger show, the discreet name for bangkoks' vulgar tourist show at night. oh well, its a live girly show in short, there you can find the most talented women, of what they can do just by using "theirs". an example of it was using it as a bottle cap opener. mind you the plop sound was really audible just like opening a bottle of cola with a real bottle cap opener. you could just imagine what this woman can do to his partners' thing while doing the deed, hehehe.... other stunts would really left thinking how do these girls do it? well, its their show, its taboo, if i may used the term.

going back with the awarding thing, its my fourth time to receive this kind of award from my company, its called the sales achievers' award and the early bird award. early bird meaning hitting the target quota within the 10 calendar months of the year. but its my first time to be in the event outside my beloved philippines. usually it was just held a grand ballroom of a five star hotel in manila or in a exclusive country clubs. last years awarding was done in hongkong, unfortunately i didn't hit my target quota last 2007 so i didn't have an award and no travel incentive for me. all of us in the company are hoping and looking forward that this 2009 would be better than 2008, well, we hope so despite the current crisis. so let's all heat up and fired up for 2009! let's not be fired this 2009, ok!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new boss

As I've wrote in my previous blog, there have been lots of changes with the company I’m working with. Part of it, my former boss was transferred to different area, which means his position was left vacant. The office then opened an in-house hiring for the position, which i obligedly applied. Well, after series of exams, screenings, case presentations and panel interviews, I’m happy to announce that I didn’t get the job. it’s a learning experience on my part, I did my best and I’ve learned a lot.

i'm not truly affected with the result, my very first boss was one of the panel during the case presentation and interview. he told me they were very impressed with my presentation, very detailed kasi. he's happy to see me applying for the job, he noticed my level of maturity has improved in terms of the nature of our work. i thought i did well also, i nailed it. but the case presentation was just one of the criteria for the selection process. oh well, basta i'm happy naman with my new boss, i hope we could get along well, with the rest of the group.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

last years' highlights

my first blog for 2009. I'm still having post holiday sickness and i am still on vacation mode, even though my work officially started January fifth, my boss called saying that there will be changes with our area configurations this year. i got stressed because its not good news for me, first I was displaced from my area last year, and I'm gonna handle some unfamiliar products which means am gonna promote them all over again, well its a new year and a new challenge, am having high hopes with the configuration thing, hope it will do best with our district and the whole company.

i just would like to sum up the places I've been last year. there were lots of firsts, and some are re-visits. been out of the country twice and have explored other parts of the country, thanks to my job...

last february was an amazing trip to bangkok, thailand. kinda similar to metro manila setting, the weather, heavy traffic, pollution, people, shopping malls everywhere, tiangge and really cheap finds, its a shopping haven. buddha temples and palaces are also everywhere, some of the buddha's were made of pure gold or with bronze. and if you're lucky enough you can spot an elephant roaming around streets of bangkok.

the grand palace

one of the hundreds buddha temple in bangkok, with pure gold buddha

ayutthaya temple ruins in ayutthaya (outside bangkok)

two of many of the shopping areas in bangkok, central world and siam paragon

one of my local trips last year was in cebu and bohol, being confined in the upper part of the philippines, going there for the first time is also exciting. we went to cebu to attend a wedding and while there, we decided to go side tripping in bohol, just 2 hours boat ride from cebu. here are some of the places to see.

port san pedro in cebu

baclayon church in bohol

mingle with world's smallest primate the tarsier

biggest kisses chocolate

island hopping

it was an experience, makes realize that our country has something to offer with the international tourist, cebu and bohol
pa lang to namangha na ko, pano na lang kaya sa iba pang magagandang lugar dito sa pilipinas?

my other trip abroad last year was in hongkong, the trip was unplanned. luckily, we managed to book a flight even with only few days before the day of departure. my third time to be there but its the first time that i am with my wife and son. all in all i enjoyed that trip it was tiring as usual beacuse of the long walks that you have to go through, wala kasi tricycle dun. taxi would cost you much kaya lakad na lang according to my cousin who is been working there since i was in high school.

hongkong skyline is one of its major attraction

enjoying disney parade in disneyland

big buddha in lantau island

last year was a blast, i did good with my job, i got to travel, and the most important thing that i started last year is blogging, although i confess that i am not really good in writing, thanks to gentle who introduced me with this whole thing!