Monday, March 23, 2009

second time around

how about attending an awards ceremony in bangkok for free? yup! just two weeks ago my company treated us with a bangkok trip for the annual achievers' awards for 2008. i can really say my 2008 was a blast, this recent travel is the culmination of last years' hardwork and dedication with my job, naks! well, we stayed in a posh amari watergate hotel located at the heart of bangkoks' shopping haven, the pratunam. bargains and shopping galore!

i just wanna segue way about my one of a kind experience in this trip, the tiger show, the discreet name for bangkoks' vulgar tourist show at night. oh well, its a live girly show in short, there you can find the most talented women, of what they can do just by using "theirs". an example of it was using it as a bottle cap opener. mind you the plop sound was really audible just like opening a bottle of cola with a real bottle cap opener. you could just imagine what this woman can do to his partners' thing while doing the deed, hehehe.... other stunts would really left thinking how do these girls do it? well, its their show, its taboo, if i may used the term.

going back with the awarding thing, its my fourth time to receive this kind of award from my company, its called the sales achievers' award and the early bird award. early bird meaning hitting the target quota within the 10 calendar months of the year. but its my first time to be in the event outside my beloved philippines. usually it was just held a grand ballroom of a five star hotel in manila or in a exclusive country clubs. last years awarding was done in hongkong, unfortunately i didn't hit my target quota last 2007 so i didn't have an award and no travel incentive for me. all of us in the company are hoping and looking forward that this 2009 would be better than 2008, well, we hope so despite the current crisis. so let's all heat up and fired up for 2009! let's not be fired this 2009, ok!