Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new boss

As I've wrote in my previous blog, there have been lots of changes with the company I’m working with. Part of it, my former boss was transferred to different area, which means his position was left vacant. The office then opened an in-house hiring for the position, which i obligedly applied. Well, after series of exams, screenings, case presentations and panel interviews, I’m happy to announce that I didn’t get the job. it’s a learning experience on my part, I did my best and I’ve learned a lot.

i'm not truly affected with the result, my very first boss was one of the panel during the case presentation and interview. he told me they were very impressed with my presentation, very detailed kasi. he's happy to see me applying for the job, he noticed my level of maturity has improved in terms of the nature of our work. i thought i did well also, i nailed it. but the case presentation was just one of the criteria for the selection process. oh well, basta i'm happy naman with my new boss, i hope we could get along well, with the rest of the group.