Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tita Roset

As my son fondly call her, is coming to our house for dinner. Together with her family, they will be travelling all the way from Manila. A Manilenia, she used to work here also in Pangasinan, a former job counterpart of my wife, then later on she was transferred to Manila due to their company re-alignment. And it's quite a while since the last time my son got to kulit her.

They will also be going on a road trip. From Manila, they will go straight to Manaoag, to the famous and miraculous Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine. Another tourist destination here in Pangasinan, it's a place where you can commune with your sprituality. From there they'll be going to Baguio. A doctor/friend of mine intoduced me to this Organic restaurant in Baguio, they only serve organic food, which i think its healthier, their fresh garden salads is a must try, brown rice, fresh lemon grass tea etc... everything is yummy! It is located along marcos hi-way in front of BGH, if you are coming from Manila you can spot it to your left just before going up in their newly built flyover. By the way, the restaurants name is Honey in the Rock, now i've found another reason for me to climb up to Baguio. :)

My wife and I went to market this morning to buy the stuffs needed for the dinner. We were planning to cook native chicken tinola for our soup menu, but sadly we couldn't find a live native chicken in the market, my aunt says the vendors (of the chicken) were not around, because they usually post just in front of her store. So we decided to replace the tinola with nilagang pata ng baboy, meat lovers would love this hmmmm... sabaw! Other menu on our list were inihaw na tilapia, ensaladang mangga with red eggs and pinakbet, and for dessert, we'll be serving buko pandan, which i am an expert in preparing it. hehe... writing this blogs' making me feel hungry.

And so they came, they ate and they left. It was nice seeing Tita Roset's family again. Thanks for the visit and see you in Manila when we get there! Sana nabusog kayo.

Blogger out!


gentle said...

honey in the rock! include ko yan sa list of must visit dining places ko. sana mapuntahan ko someday hehehe.

spongeBAB said...

hi gentle, korean ba mahilig ka din? pag napunta ka sa baguio try mo din sa WoodNymph, kakaibang experience din kumain dun, pasyal tayo baguio one time :)

gentle said...

sure! pag nagawi ka sa tagaytay, sa leslie's naman. sarap ng bulalo dun. :)