Monday, November 24, 2008

Elsa's miracles

Finally, I got to watch the classic film Himala (on cable TV), by Ishmael Bernal which stars Nora Aunor, Pen Medina, Vangie Labalan and other artist whom i only recognize their faces but not their names. Funny thing is, I am here in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte right now and the film was shot entirely here and other nearby towns, especially in the sand dunes in Batac.

I got interested in this film not because I'm a Noranian but because it was in the news recently, it was awarded by CNN APSA Viewers Choice Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of all Time. How’s that, huh?!? I'm not really a film critic and watching it for the first time, there was no WOW feeling for me. Maybe because I have already encountered real life stories like Elsa's story in the film, stories like those already happened in real life, maybe Judiel was inspired by this film. But I must say the actors' performances in this film were effective, they portrayed their roles well especially Nora Aunor who plays the lead. One particular scene that leaves a mark on my mind was the tight shot of Nora when they were having their funeral march, parang totoo. And of course, the part wherein she was delivering her speech to her town people, saying she was a fake, that there was no miracle and that we make our own miracles and those miracles happen inside us.

We often hear that famous line nowadays, as part of joke, or from stand-up comedians from TV or at comedy bars. I think why it won its recent award is because of the films simple message about life's miracles, it has a universal appeal. And that yes, miracles do happen.

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gentle said...

talaga? i didnt know sa batac pala shinuting yan. and i still have to watch himala, kahiya mang aminin di ko pa napapanood yan hehehe.

spongeBAB said...

haha sorry sand dunes pala were in paoay, hindi sa batac walang sand dunes dun, nakita ko sa credits, shot mostly sa ilocos norte.